Handmade in Spain.

Bold but subtle, Anastasia Top was created to give your festive look a luxurious touch thanks to its plunging neckline. This new version  has been made from Polyester with a small percentage of elasticity to improve your comfort. Open back with adjustable straps by lacing.


  • Color: Gold/Tapioca
  • Plunging Cowl Neck
  • Adjustable Back
  • Material: 100% Polyestrer


* This product only includes the top part, the bottom part you can find it as: "Anastasia Short"



Anastasia Top

  • Este producto es hecho a medida para cada cliente.

    Por favor, tómese las medidas con una cinta métrica de contorno de pecho y contorno de bajo pecho para una talla más aproxima a la suya y rellene las opciones:

    • Bust / Pecho
    • Underbust / BajoPecho


    // This product is made to measure for each client.

    Please take measurements with a chest contour measuring tape and low chest contour for a size closer to yours and fill in the options:

    • Bust 
    • Underbust