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For each order placed, you will help plant a tree.  We cooperate with One Tree Planted project through Packhelp packaging, a non-profit organization that works for reforestation around the world, having planted 13595 trees to this days throught Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia. Trees provide us with many daily benefits. They help filter air and water supplies, and at the same time prevent floods and landslides. The paper and cardboard industry generates many jobs, and forests help reduce stress and improve the health of hospitalized patients. With our initiative we intend to balance the balance in existing forest areas.

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Carretes de hilo de colores


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While not all of our items are made stateside, we ensure that 95% of our products (all swimwear, sportwear, hoodies and sweats) are produced domestically, here in Spain. It's important that we outsource as much as we can locally so that we are able to provide jobs for workers and reduce emissions from transportation— our logistics centre is located in Spain as well. Having factories near by is also our way of ensuring our quality is consistent, something that we know is important to our community.